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X-Backup History

Version 2008.3.1.38

Fixed : Microsoft has changed the way the Windows version is checked. With some recent XP or Vista this can generate an exception error when closing the backup dialog box.

Version 2008.3.1.37

Maintenance release : data navigation library updated

Version 2008.3.1.36

New : History is now available from the Windows Explorer

Version 2008.3.1.35

Maintenance release

Version 2008.3.1.34

Maintenance release

Version 2008.3.1.33

New : support of the Microsoft's Virtual Shadow Copy technology. Now you can backup or copy files open and locked by another process, including Outlook or SQL databases

New : support disk image for Vista

New : write directly to CD or DVD RW

Enhanced : the Open file function

Minor change : "Reports" becomes "History"

Version 2007.2.7.32
Maintenance release : interface library updated

Version 2007.2.7.31
Maintenance release : navigation data library (must be faster) and zip file engine updated.

Version 2007.2.7.30

New : added popup menu when listing an archive file. From this menu you can Copy files to the Windows clipboard and Paste files through the Windows Explorer (an easy way to restore a couple of files)

Maintenance : zip engine updated

Version 2007.2.6.29
Maintenance release : minor interface enhancement
Code signed : for better Vista compatibility

Version 2007.2.6.28

Enhanced : Backup scripts tree view enhanced

Maintenance : Navigation library updated

Fixed : archive list was not correctly filtered

Version 2007.2.6.27
Enhanced :
CD/DVD enhanced. Support for Blu-ray and HD DVD added
Fixed : minor fix in the modify script function

Version 2007.2.5.26
Enhanced :
script detail supports now Office 2007 style

Maintenance : zip engine updated

Version 2007.2.5.25
Enhanced :
the Quick synchronize function algorithm has been widely improved.

Version 2007.2.5.24
New :
Quick Synchronization function added

Version 2007.2.4.23
Maintenance :
new zip engine
Fixed : reset period not correctly handled

Version 2007.2.3.22
New :
added "Archives" node to the script tree view. From this item you can get a list of all archive files available on the destination folder. You can open, restore or quick restore the selected file. These actions are available from a popup menu or from from a preview menu attached to the icon displayed on the list title bar.
Fixed : Quick Restore; under some circumstances the list of files available for the current script was not populated.

Version 2007.2.2.21
Enhanced :
shortcuts (F5 Delete) added to the script list.

Version 2007.2.2.20
Important release : the software has been recompiled for fully support of Windows Vista. To support Vista scripts, log files and catalogs are now stored in user and common folders instead of sub folders of the main folder. Existing files are automatically moved. 
Interface : the main windows has been slightly modified for a best integration in Windows Vista. Icons are larger and Windows title bar is now visible. It supports Vista transparency. Standard profile and new script dialog box have been enhanced.
Maintenance : zip engine updated, minor fixes.

Version 2007.2.1.19
Maintenance release : minor interface and code updated

Version 2007.2.1.18
Enhanced :
disk image speed and memory manager
Version 2007.2.1.16
New : new user interface (Office 2007 like)
New : backup catalog in XML format with search function
New : Standard profile 
New : Expert to build automatically scripts from a disk partition
New : Backup geography : download archive file from FTP server
New : can send email after backup
Enhanced : restore and quick restore function (tree view, folder selection)
Enhanced : script can be hidden to other user

Version 2006.1.5.14
Added :
access to the archive file from the Timeline
New : multilingual interface

Version 2006.1.4.13
Maintenance release

Version 2006.1.4.12
Maintenance release: 
navigation library update. Problem with shell explorer under Windows Vista fixed.

Version 2006.1.4.11
Maintenance release : 
ftp library updated.
Minor fix and code enhancement.

Version 2006.1.4.10
Maintenance release : 
data navigation library and zip engine updated

Version 2006.1.4.9
New : 
ftp connections are now displayed on the Backup Geography.

Version 2006.1.3.8
New :
retention period management function clears the second copy folder (on user request)
Maintenance release :
Navigation data library updated (version 5.13)

Version 2006.1.2.7
Maintenance release

Version 2006.1.2.6
Maintenance release
Zip engine updated (version 6.0.6275.0)
Navigation data library (version 5.12)

Version 2006.1.2.5
New :
on reviewer request a main tool bar has been added. This toolbar can be hidden through the View >> View toolbar menu item

New : on user request : ftp definition now can handle a port different from the standard value 21.

New : the Open file function now shows the archive file with a folder tree view.

Version 2006.1.1.4
enhanced : password management when restoring files

Version 2006.1.1.3
Minor enhancement
Current version 2008.3.1.38
July 17, 2009