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Backup&Synchronize Pro History
Version 8.3.346
Maintenance release : with XP the scheduler was not running correctly (bug introduced with the scheduler library update in the build 345)

Version 8.3.345
Maintenance release
Version 8.3.344
Maintenance release

Version 8.3.343
New : Quick selection added to the New script dialog box
Enhanced : Check file function
Updated : zip engine updated

Version 8.2.342
New : clone function allows you to clone partitions or physical disks
Fixed : under some circumstances the SMTP definition was not saved

Version 8.1.341
Maintenance release

Version 8.1.340
Maintenance release : zip engine and data navigation library updated
Fixed : Acrobat reader was not released when the application was closed.

Version 8.1.339
New : You can now disconnect the Virtual Shadow Copy. See the Other tab in Properties (Tools menu). The VSC allows you to backup or copy files in use and locked by another process.

Version 8.1.338
Fixed : Microsoft has changed the way the Windows version is checked. With some recent XP or Vista this can generate an exception error when closing the backup dialog box.

Version 8.1.337 ;
New : History is available from the Windows Explorer. You don't neeed to open the software to know if a scheduled job has been done successfully.
Minor enhancement : in the new script dialog box.
Maintenance : data navigation library updated

Version 8.1.335-336 : internal

Version 8.1.334
Maintenance release

Version 8.1.333

Fixed : when using multiple sources and multiple targets if one source or target was not ready the script was stopped.

Version 8.1.332
Fixed : Save as .. function was not connected
Changed : the System Volume Information folder is now automatically excluded.
Windows does not allow to write on. Under some circumstances the program crashed.
Enhanced : the help file is now automatically loaded when the user creates the first script. It is also available from F1

Version 8.1.331
New : copy open files even if they are locked by another process
New : multiple sources to multiple targets
New : interface redesigned and simplified
New : replicate drive partition
New : filter
New : checking disk serial number to secure the synchronization.
New : Vista elevation (you don't need to Run As Administrator)

Version 7.3.330
Fixed : file decryption with Windows XP
Maintenance : interface library updated

Version 7.3.329
Internal maintenance

Version 7.3.328
Maintenance release : PDF and navigation data library (must be faster when device or network not ready) updated

Version 7.3.327

Enhanced : clean disk function. When using the Recycle bin option the confirmation message is no longer displayed.

Fixed : when deleting a scheduled task the '.rlu' file was not deleted.

Maintenance : zip engine updated.

Version 7.3.326
Major upgrade
New : Clean disk function. You can now clean folders before backup or synchronization.
New : Check file function. You can check a file and understand how it will be processed when applying comparison rules
New : Open script page to allow quick access to script and folders information.
Enhanced : standard mode and export mode have been redesigned

Version 7.2.325
Internal maintenance

Version 7.2.324

New : after creating a script you can add the script to an existing meta script or create a new one. In Expert mode this function is available at any time.

Various small improvements

Version 7.2.323

Major upgrade :

New : file encryption. Copied files can be encrypted using strong AES encryption

New : you can now select between 3 interfaces : Wizard for beginner, Standard (like previous version) and Expert.

New : for advanced users, comparison rules added.

Important change for Vista users. It is no longer necessary to run the program As administrator. Scripts, logs... are now stored in the Public Documents folder and no longer in the application data folder. There is an exception if you plan to synchronize the C:\ProgramData folder : you need to Run as administrator or to provide full access through the Properties dialog box.

Changed : options are now available through the View >>Preferences dialog box.

Version 7.1.322

Minor enhancement : Geography map source folder has been enhanced (new bitmap, border), hints appear now over bitmap when actions are attached

Version 7.1.321
Fix : the Help Content menu item was deactivated
Maintenance : navigation data library updated (seems to be faster)

Version 7.1.320
Fixed : zip (compressed folder) update
Added : support for  File Access Manager (FAM)

Candidate release :
Added  Get Information new function (available from Actions menu)

Pre release 2 :
minor fixes : FTP did not start if the previous try had been cancelled, create shortcut bitmap, messages enhanced, easy way to create zip file in other targets, Quick restore check for zip file(s) available.

Pre release 1 : entirely rewritten with powerful function including synchronization with FTP server,  compressed folder (zip file), CD/DVD

Backup2007 Synchronizer

Version 6.7.317
Maintenance release :
interface updated

Version 6.7.316
Important update : 
to fix Windows bug with parent folder date and time, before synchronization source folders date and time are updated.

Version 6.7.315
New :
general report function added

Version 6.6.314
New :
Windows auto play compatible.

Version 6.5.313
Enhanced : 
Live synchronization revisited

Version 6.5.312
Enhanced : 
full support for Vista open file dialog box

Version 6.5.311
Enhanced :
integration of Vista manifest
Enhanced :  minor interface changes for Vista
Enhanced : translation

Version 6.5.310
: Replicate disk partition (not yet compatible with Windows Vista)
Enhanced : tool bar redesigned
Enhanced : synchronization to network drive. When saving or modifying a script you will be prompted to fill up the network login.
Maintenance release : interface updated

Version 6.4.309
Maintenance release : 
interface updated

Version 6.4.308
Added :
Office 2007 style Quick access toolbar
Enhanced : incremental mode revisited

Version 6.3.307
Added :
multilingual interface support
Enhanced : better Windows Vista integration

Version 6.2.306
Added :
Office 2007 Silver scheme
Modified : when a preview menu is attached to a bitmap the screen cursor is turned to the hand point cursor
Minor improvements

Version 6.1.305
Maintenance release : navigation data library updated

Version 6.1.304
Added  :
support for Office 2007 compact toolbar and Vista message dialog box with emulation for other Windows version

Version 6.1.303 Official release

Added :
new function to transfer images from digital camera.

Version 6.1.302 RC3
Changed :
all context popup menus have been turned into Office 2007 preview menu
Added : email after synchronization
smaller enhancements

Version 6.1.301 RC2 (October 2006)
Added : live synchronization module
Added : Office 2007 preview menu (from the icon caption)

Version 6.1.300 RC1 (October 2006)
New version entirely rewritten. This is the 1st release candidate. Help file is not yet filled up.

Backup2005 Synchronizer

Maintenance release
Current version 2009.8.3.346
February 17, 2009