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X-Backup Description
Current version 2008.3.1.38
July 17, 2009
Functions :
Create unlimited archive file size
Create disk partition image
Copy and backup open files even locked
Provide predefined backup definition (My emails, my documents, My pictures, My videos, My Music)
Back up Windows registry
Support full, incremental, first full the incremental backup mode
Support strong AES encryption
Can manage exclude and include lists
Back up to any kind of medium USB external drive, CD/DVD, network drive (except tape drive)
Delivered with its own burner driver
Allow to copy archive file to a 2nd destination
Allow to upload automatically archive file to FTP or HTTP server.
Can save backup definition to be reused as standard profile
Backup geography
Backup timeline
Backup report
Generate catalog in XML format
Offer multiple functions to search an restore files.
Include a Quick synchronization function

Hardware :
Support internal hard disk, external hard disk (USB, SCSI, SATA), USB thumb drive, network drive, FTP server, CD/DVD RW/RW+.

Windows :
  • XP
  • Vista
  • Windows 2003