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From Backup-2006 Studio to Backup2009 Pro
  • Disk image, classic Backup, Synchronizer and Agenda are now included in one single exe file.
  • Synchronizer is inherited from Backup&Synchronize but has been improved (multiple sources to multiple targets)
  • Synchronizer supports FTP, and zip file (Windows standard compressed folders)
  • Synchronizer is now available with writeable CD/DVD
  • Synchronizer supports data filter.
  • Backup sets become Scripts. Script definition is normalized
  • Support for Metascript : you can define metascript. A metascript includes 2 or more scripts (backup and or synchronization scripts)
  • Clean-up function improved : files can be moved to the recycle bin, removed or shredded.
  • Clean-up function can be run automatically before backup or synchronization.
  • Support for CD/DVD widely improved (support for UDF formatted medium)
  • New function : Is it Ready ? to check if a script is ready to be run.
  • Software architecture entirely revisited for Vista support
  • Preferences dialog box.
  • You can define personal Preferences or global Preferences (for all users)
  • You can define a personal Standard profile or a global Standard profile (for all users)
  • Log files can be generated using PDF format (you need the free Acrobat reader)
  • The Archives page now show all available destination folders (primary, alternate, second copy folders)
  • New function : Where are my files to check where internal files are stored.
  • The Catalog is no longer a database but an XML file (faster)
  • The Backup map becomes the Geography. Source and destination folders are shown through tables.
  • The Open archive file function now supports external zip file.
  • New function : Drives list to check available disk space.
  • New function : Save backup configuration (can be scheduled)
  • Support for Windows Themes including Office 2007 (skin library no longer supported)
  • Agenda redisigned
  • History available from the Windows Explorer
  • Compression level can be set up to 0 (files are stored in the archive file without compression)
  • Image file and clone disk functions use a different technology
  • The Beginner and Expert mode are no longer available.

Current version 7.1.264
March 1, 2009