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Backup2009 Pro Description

Scripts can be grouped in a metascript. This is useful to schedule multiple scripts with a single task.
In a metascript you can mix as well classic backup scripts as copy mode scripts.

Backup open files

Backup2009 Pro is able to backup or copy files even if they are open and locked by another process, through the Microsoft's Virtual Shadow Copy API.

FTP  Images

With classic backup mode you can upload the archive file up to 2 FTP servers. With the synchronization mode you are able to synchronize data between local (or network ) folder and a server.
But unlike other competitors'products, Backup2009 Pro includes a true FTP client software, from where you can manage the server (if you have rights).

Burning CD-DVD   Images

Of course Backup2009 Pro is able to backup data to CD and DVD. You can use RW or R media. Files can be written (RW medium UDF formatted) or burned (R medium). But unlike other competitor's products Backup2009 Pro includes a file burner function from where you can burn files even external files and erase medium.
Automatic backup   images

Scripts or metascripts can be scheduled.
Backup2009 Pro creates a task directly in the Windows Scheduler. You can create sophisticated strategy.
You can schedule a task
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly

You can repeat the task every x hours or x minutes. This is nice when you are working on critical data (e.g; a report for the next meeting).
Standard profile   Images

The standard profile allows you to define once for all most of options needed to create a script. When you call the New script function the form is filled up by the values defined here. Of course, you will be able to modify these values while you will create a new script.

Email confirmation

After a backup an email can be sent to 2 email addresses. The email can be sent with the log file as attachment, or a summary report.

Clean-disk  images

With the clean-disk function you can define a profile of temporary files to remove. When you run a backup or a copy you can request Backup2009 Pro to clean up your disk, using this profile. You can move the deleted files to the recycle bin, remove silently or shred files.