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Backup2009 Pro Description
Classic Backup     Images
  • Data : manual selection or predefined script
  • Exclude : list of files to exclude from backup (group or individual files)
  • Include : list of files to include (group or individual files), with pre selection.
  • Date filter
  • Destination : any kind of medium internal disk, external USB disk, CD, DVD, network drive, ftp server.
  • CD-DVD : you can use RW or R medium. Backup can be written to medium (RW) using UDF format or burned (R RW) through our internal burner device.
  • multiple destinations : the same backup can be stored on different destination folders for security purpose
  • alternate destination forlder : if the primary destination folder is not ready the alternate will be used.
  • You can define 2 FTP servers to upload your backup file (SSL/TLS supported)
  • Zip file can be built in memory
  • Erase removable medium
  • Backup mode : full, incremental and the unique first full then incremental mode with reset and delete options
  • Keep NTFS archive files attributes option
  • Encryption : standard zip password or AES 256 bits encryption key
  • Log file : Pdf or Hrml format, complete or summary.
  • Compression format : zip standard, zip64, Bzip, Bzip2
  • Compression level : from none (files are just stored in zip file without compression) to maximum.
  • Email confirmation : with or without log file attachment.
  • Retention : after the retention delay archive, logs, catalog, history are removed automatically.
  • Run : you can run an external program before backup (e.g. anti virus) and/or after backup.
  • and more...
Copy mode (synchronize)
  • 3 modes :
  • One way : files are copied from source to target
  • Two ways : files are copied from source to target and then if they are new or more recent file on target they are copied to source
  • Clone : files are copied from source to target then if they are new or more recent file on target they are copied to source. Files not found on source are removed on target.
  • Synchronize  :
  • disks, folders, ftp servers and even zip file
  • Filter :
  • you can filter the files to synchronize using predefined groups or user define filter
  • Versions :
  • you can keep multiple versions of the same file
  • Synchronization rules :
  • you can choose between 4 rules to process synchronization
  • File encryption
  • files can be encrypted using strong AES encryption key.
  • Email notification
  • Disk cleanup
  • before synchronization disks or folders can be cleaned up
  • Run
  • you can run an external programe before synchronization and/or after
  • and more...

Disk or partition image
Backup2009 Pro is able to create image file of an entire disk (all partitions) or a single partition. Image file can be stored and restored over a network. Image file is useful to prevent from system crash.
A Prepare bootable medium function lets you to build a CD or DVD to rebuild your system in case of crash or virus attack.

Clone partitions and physical disks
The Clone function allows you to clone a disk partition or a physical disks. Disks or partitions can be different (the target can be larger than source).