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Backup2009 Pro

To achieve your backup strategy, a powerful backup tool

Backup2009 Pro brings you all tools necessary to keep safe your system and data.
  • disk or partition image file
  • classic backup in zip file format
  • copy and synchronization to easily backup and or move your data
Classic backup and copy allow to process files even if they are locked by another program.
A lot of useful functions help you to manage your backup jobs :
  • the Agenda : to schedule backup jobs
  • the Geography : to quickly view what is backuped and where
  • the History : to follow if jobs have been done. The History is also available from the Windows Explorer.
  • the Catalog : to check files backuped.

To secure your backup files, Backup2009 Pro is able to copy archive file to a second destination folder ot your choice. An email alert can be sent after each backup.
Backup2009 main window
Current version 7.1.264
March 1, 2009