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It is better to be safe than sorry
Backup2009 Pro build 264
Backup2009 Pro build 263
Backup&Syncrhonize build 346
Backup&Synchronize maintenance release
Backup2009 Pro 7 : a major upgrde available now.
Backup&Synchronize Pro version 2009 available
Backup2009 Pro version 6.2..257 on line
Backup&Synchronize Pro
Backup2009 Pro version 6.2.256 released
Backup2009 Pro build 255 released
Backup&Synchronize Pro build 341 released

Since 1997 RD Technologies provides backup software and disk utilities for Windows.To save and protect your files, folders, disks with transparent automatic backups to your favorite support : external disk, network drive, CD,DVD, FTP or HTTP server to prevent the loss of your most precious data our best of breed software suite
Just released : Backup2009 Pro                   Version 7.1.264
 March 3, 2009
Most comp├ętitors offer one or two ways to backup your data, but Backup2009 Pro comes with 3 different technologies to keep safe your data.
With Backup2009 Pro you are able to :
  • create disk or partition image (including Windows system)
  • backup your data to zip archive file (full or incremental)
  • copy and synchronize files to any device (external USB disk, network drive, FTP server...).
Backup2009 Pro is able to backup open and locked files through the Microsoft's Virtual Shadow Copy technology. Backup2009 Pro allows you to create sophisticated backup strategy.  More information...
Updated : Backup&Synchronize Pro        Version 8.3.345
February  17, 2009
Backup&Synchronize is able to copy and synchronize data between two folders,  a folder and a compressed folder (zip file), or between a folder and a distant server through internet FTP connection..  More information...
Updated : X-Backup 2008                             Version 3.1.38
July 17, 2008
X-Backup is built using Microsoft Office 2007 navigation scheme and skins. Versatile and easy to use, X-Backup is design for home users.  More information...